We can build and supply any special purpose panel as required. These panels will be made exactly as per the specifications / instructions received. All the wiring, wire numbering pattern, the terminal identifications, component identifications, component layout etc., will be finalized in concurrence with the designers.


Necessary tests will be conducted on the panels as per the designer recommendation in addition to our routine tests.

We have built and supplied the following special purpose panels.

Automatic Mains failure panels (AMF panels). These can be incorporated in the PCC for ease of power distribution.
Manual & Auto synchronizing panels. For DG & Grid synchronization
Programmable Logic Controller Panels.
Relay interlocking panels for HV & EHV switchgear.
Mimic process flow indication panels.
Instrumentation interlocking and process control panels
Soot blower control panels for boiler applications.
CRR Starter panels. (Combined rotor resistance starter panels for starting multiple number of slip ring motors with single rotor resistance)
Outdoor kiosks for housing electrical switchgear.
Soft starter panels for motors.
Panels housing variable frequency drive for providing speed control for AC induction motors.
Special control panels for crane applications.
Telephone connector panels for cable junctions.
Mining application panels with special enclosures and finishes.