We provide PROJECT CONSULTANCY services in the field of electrical engineering for various types of industries. We design the electrical distribution network to suit the process and site requirements with ample emphasis on the safety of the user and the maintenance team.


The system designed and developed by us will be a cost effective, reliable and asper IEEE standards. Emphasis will be give for scope of expansion with minimum resources.    


The design will be developed under the strict supervision of experienced electrical engineers having more than two decades of experience in developing safe electrical distribution systems. It is an added advantage for our design team that we are experienced in plant maintenance with large-scale mining., cement, automobile and engineering industries. This experience helps us to envisage the maintenance requirements of the system and provide a fool proof system.

  We provide specialized solutions for critical power distribution problems by giving safe, economical and customized arrangements. We have provided result-oriented consultancy for any one or all of the following specific problems.

Power factor management.
Plant lighting level - suitability for operation purposes.
Earthing grid development for existing and running industries.
Different types of starting arrangements for special purpose motors.
Study of the existing distribution system and suggesting modification to improve operator safety and user safety.
Study of the existing generator sets and provide arrangements to cater to larger loads by synchronizing with other DGs or other suitable methods.
Carrying out relay co-ordination of the existing protection arrangements to provide better protection to electrical equipments like Transformer, Alternator etc