We have gained outstanding experience in project electrification with constant endeavor in identifying better equipment and project management techniques time to time.


Project management in terms of identifying new tools, material, and tracking mechanisms like Microsoft project. Costs, our projects on daily basis through Microsoft project.


All of our designs will be under the supervision of experienced electrical engineers having more than two decades of experience in electrical engineering in relative fields.

We are in the field of Project Electrification since 1994 and earned a repute for ourselves by adhering to commitments in terms of dates for completion, following proper safety standards, providing trouble free installations for our customers and reliable service backup.


We carry out supply, erection, testing and commissioning of the following electrical equipments as part of our Project Electrification activity.

Substations, structures and switchyards up to 132KV
Distribution and special purpose transformers with OLTC gear and other special provisions
Indoor and outdoor type breakers and other panel for controlling HV equipments
Bus-ducts for connecting the source of supply and the distribution panels and other special requirement.
Power control centers, Distribution boards, and motor control centers.
Ladder type or perforated type cable trays for running the cables with necessary MS Angle iron supports.
Laying, dressing, clamping & termination of HT & LT power cables from the source to the distribution point, power control center to Motor control centers, panel to individual motors. Etc. Laying, dressing, clamping and termination of multi core control cables to local control stations, logic manager panels and other special purposes.
Erection testing and commissioning of Special panels for specific purposes like rotor resistance starting, variable frequency panels, DC drive panels, Mimic panels, boiler control panels etc.
Design, development, construction, testing and commissioning of earthing grids for electrical installations, Earth mats, neutral grounding resistance for earthing of Transformer and alternator neutral terminals, earthing of motors, panels and other electrical equipments.
Design, development, construction, testing and commissioning of lightning conductor earthing for large industrial buildings, structures, explosive storing magazines etc.
We carryout the following pre-commissioning tests for electrical equipments. Any other specific test can be carried out as per customer requirement.

1. For Ht & LT Power Distribution panels: Insulation resistance test, Primary Injection test and Secondary injection test contact resistance test for breakers etc.

2. For Power Transformers: Ration test & Magnetic Balance test for the Tr., Dielectric Strength test, Acidity test & Viscosity test for the Transformer oil.

3. For HT Cable termination: High potential test.