We are established designers and contractors for building HV & EHV switchyards. We are constructing and commissioning all sorts of electrical outdoor installation upto a system voltage of 132kV.


We use proven materials, experienced and skilled manpower with all the required tools. We employ scientific methods of construction to give you a fast, reliable and safe substation. All of our switchyards will be in line with the requirements of the IS specifications.

We can construct, test and commission the following outdoor systems.

11kV double pole structures.
11kV overhead lines with cement concrete or RS Joists.
Programmable Logic Controller Panels.
11kV 4 or 6 pole structure with 1 or 2 incomers, busbar & distribution arrangements.
33kV structures for transformer incomers with separate PTs, CTs and other accessories. These structures can be fitted with VCBs or SF6 breakers as required. Remote controlling arrangements with protection panels can also be supplied and erected for the breakers.
33kV Structures for special purpose applications like road crossings, railway lines crossings etc.
33kV overhead lines with ISMB poles or constructed towers.
Outdoor kiosk for industrial applications.
132 KV switchyard with breakers, PTs CTs, metering and relay cubicles, lightning arresters, transformer & OLTC installations etc., with all other connected accessories.
Design, development and installation of Lightning arresters for explosive storage magazines, large industrial buildings, structures etc.