We are reputed panel builders based in Hyderabad manufacturing all types electrical panel boards. We have established a comprehensive panel-building factory in Jeedimetla with complete facilities for panel building.


Our panels are designed for a fault level of 35/50KA for 1 Second duration. Designs for higher ranges of fault levels can be built and supplied.

We design and manufacture the following

Power Control Centers.
Motor control centers.
Capacitor control panels with automatic Power factor controllers.
Automatic Mains failure panels (AMF)
Synchronizing panels for two or more Diesel Generator sets.
Special purpose panels.
Mimic indication panels.
Junction boxes for process interlocking.
Junction boxes for instrumentation purposes.
Lighting towers.

All these equipments will be in strict compliance with the Indian electricity Rules and latest editions of

The entire process of panel building and testing will be conducted in-house and our facilities are comprehensive

Different varieties of the above panels like Double front construction, Draw out type for incoming and outgoing feeders, top cable entry type, provision for DCS circuitry in the controls, etc. can be built and supplied on specific request.

We are established manufacturers of LT Busducts. We have supplied, erected, tested and commissioned a number of Busducts. We use high quality hard drawn E91E grade electrolytic Aluminum conductor as per IS standards. Our Busducts have been functioning in various industries for the past 9 years without developing any problem.



All our panels and Busducts undergo a stringent series of quality control tests before despatch. All the aspects of the panel like fabrication dimensions, powder coating, finish, wiring, layout and component fixing methods are checked closely and approved in a systematic manner. Each panel will be checked for functional, operational and maintenance checks in addition to visual inspection for aesthetics.