SREEPOWER is committed to a clean, safe and healthy workplace and environment. All aspects of our business will be managed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner in accordance with the principles set forth in this policy. We believe these actions benefit our customers, shareholders, employees and the public, both now and for the future, while improving the quality of the environment in which we live. This policy reaffirms our commitment to environmental stewardship and protecting the well-being of our customers, employees and the public.

Management Commitment  

All levels of SREEPOWER management are committed to, and accountable for, implementing, maintaining, measuring, and improving the environmental, health and safety programs of the company. Self-assessments of our performance in these areas will be routinely conducted. We will measure performance and hold all employees accountable through performance enhancement processes.


we will cultivate a culture that encourages safe, healthy and environmentally responsible behavior by clearly defining the responsibilities of all employees. We will encourage proactive employee involvement in these efforts. Incentives for extraordinary performance are announced and adhered.

Health & Safety

Safety is the overriding value of all aspects of our business. We will continually provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees, our customers and the community. We demand safe work behavior, practices, design and systems.

Pollution Prevention

Pollution prevention is an operating objective. We strive to prevent or reduce the generation of scrap at the source. Our impact on the environment is minimized through good engineering practices


Compliance with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations is required. All of our employees, from the officer level to the front line, are responsible and accountable for compliance and have an obligation to bring issues and concerns forward for resolution related to health and safety.

Stewardship of Natural Resources

We will responsibly use natural resources, such as air, water, soils and forests, and we will help to conserve these natural resources through efficient use and careful planning. We will pursue an energy resource plan that emphasizes environmental protection, energy conservation and efficiency. We will responsibly address conditions that endanger health, safety or the environment.

Environmental Health and Safety Targets

Each year, we develop targets for financial, environmental, health and safety and individual operating area performance, and reward outstanding achievement through annual incentive pay.

In 2002, those targets were:

Panel Building For Safety

The safety goal was to have zero preventable recordable injuries per Annum.

Result: Panel Building division had 1year without a preventable recordable injury since the inception of this Policy.

For Environment

The Panel Building division's target in this area was to conduct 4 training programs to all the employees on adhering to safety practices for self and safety standards to be followed for Customer's safety. Result: All goals were achieved.

Electrical contracting

For Safety at work space(Customer Site): The goal was to have zero preventable recordable injuries per week. Result: Contracting division couldn't achieve it with 1 injury since 1 year.

Community Participation and Accountability

Community involvement is one of the tenets upon which our company is built. We understand that the health and vitality of our local communities is the paramount to the strength and vitality of our business.

Sreepower and its employees actively contribute to our communities. Whether it's sponsoring for students meets, interim technical programs for the academic students, helping charitable health clinics, blood donation camps. our company is an active and proud community citizen and participant. In 2002 we had 5 students for internship program, 9 in 2003, 6 in 2004.

Our employees generously give of their personal time in providing services to old age homes. They also have generously contributed for the recent Tsunami massacre both monetarily and physically.