We are established cable tray manufacturers capable of manufacturing both ladder type and perforated type cable trays. The trays will be made out of 2.0mm thick HRMS sheets with a standard length of 2500mm. these cable trays will be lightweight in construction and easy to install and maintain. These will be designed to carry a maximum load of 75kg per meter.


By using these trays instead of MS angle iron trays, the load on the structure of the plant can be brought down substantially thereby increasing the life span of the same. The erection duration of these trays is also lower than that of the MS angle iron trays


These trays are available in a wide range from 150mm to 1000mm wide for ladder type trays and from 50mm to 750mm for perforated type cable trays. Any specific requirement other than the above dimensions can also be supplied.

These trays can be supplied either hot dip galvanized finish or painted finish with heat treatment to suit the requirement. The same could also be powder coated based on the cost decisions of the customer. The thickness of GI coating will be 80-100 microns and 45-50 microns for powder coating.

Because of the factory-finished nature of the prefabricated trays, they can withstand severe operating conditions. These properties of the prefabricated trays make them most suitable for testing conditions like petrochemical, chemical, paper, cement and sugar industries. Anyway, for case of cable maintenance, these trays can be utilized in any type of industry.

The following readymade accessories for the cable trays can be supplied.

Horizontal bends.
Vertical inner & outer bends.
Equal and unequal tees.
Equal and unequal 4way crosses.
Tray coupler plates with suitable fasteners.
Tray covers made out of 16SWG HRMS sheet.

Detailed drawings of the standard dimensions of our trays can be submitted for verification whenever required. Non-standard dimensions can also supplied in case of large requirements.