Delivering comprehensive Engineering & contracting solutions is what Sree Power Control Systems brings to the customers when it takes on any assignment. Its vast repertoire of competencies begin from consulting, that factors in the client's current and future operations scenario, and then goes on to tailor engineering solutions and services that meets today's as well as tomorrow's business needs. An enviable list of loyal clients, who have regularly sought our services, are living proof of the Sreepower's competitive edge. It is their testimonials and our growing list of competencies that is helping to enlarge the list of clients day by day.

Streamlining projects with project management  

Every project is a blend of different activities that need to work in tandem for overall success. With companies getting larger and more fragmented in a distributed business lines, the binding factor is good project management. Project management that underlies each activity must all "talk" to each other seamlessly to achieve the targeted goals. Sreepower enables its clients to effectively synchronize projects and their MIS (Information) to optimize their operational efficiencies.

Manufacturing Custom Built LT Switchgear & Power Distribution Systems

Sree Power Control Systems is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified manufacturer of all types of custom-built L.T. Electrical panels such as Power Control Centers, Motor Control Centers, Lighting Distribution Boards, Control Console Panels, Automatic Power Factor Control Panels and non-segregated Bus ducts, Perforated and Ladder type Cable Trays, Street light poles etc. Our Panels are also approved by CPRI for 50KA RMS breaking capacity at 3000A; and temperature rise. This has made Sreepower most advantageous in promising the customers for very cost effective solutions.

Managing Projects for IT Industries

It's important for businesses to recognize and focus on their core competencies, to achieve maximum efficiency in areas that bring revenue. Outsourcing the tasks to professionals can free up the company's resources to concentrate on the main line of business. There are technologies and systems emerging out of need of present social and operating conditions. Sreepower upgrades its skill repository with all the emerging technologies and will help customer to spend minimal time in choosing the right choice in minimum time. Sree Power Control Systems helps companies focus on their respective core competencies by taking up consulting, Liasoning, implementation of the total project aspect in which it has expertise and handover to the client for operations with proper documentation. Sreepower played instrumental role in bringing up majority of the electrification of their facilities of Satyam Computer Services Ltd across India .

Electrification of Hotels, Malls and restaurants

Malls and Hotels are the places where customers come for pleasure. A single instance of discomfort will dissatisfy the customer to an extent, which the service provider will not intend to. If businesses are to successfully leverage today's needs and meet business challenges head on, they need to make Electrical technology an integral part of their operations. Intent today is to measure the satisfaction of the customers by giving them uninterrupted services in which Electrical design plays key role. Using right material at right place will make the installation more competitive in terms of the cost and operational security. Sree Power Control Systems will work closely with the customer in deriving the most effective distribution system and integrated safety factor of the installation and the people. Hotel Viceroy-Marriotte is one of the living example of Sreepower's competencies in execution of the

Powering the chemical & pharmaceutical industries

Chemical industry is the place where different processes get integrated. Sree Power Control Systems could successfully cater all the needs of chemical and pharma industry. All its 10 yrs of experience has majority served this industry, right from conceptualizing the project to the implementation and till production. One of the feather in the crown of Sreepower is Aurobindo Pharma Ltd and all its units across India, China and Bangla desh, where Sreepower played a substantial role in bringing up their facilities in minimum time with maximum cost benefit. Sreepower has successfully completed many clean rooms, FDA blocks for Aurobindo Pharma Ltd, Hetero Drugs, Ahlada Pharma Pvt Ltd, S.S Organics, Biological E Ltd and on.

Creating better business value for the customer

While Sreepower takes on the operational responsibility for managing the projects, it also helps the customer save cost and increase the time to market with a 24-hour cycle time in addressing the project or product requirements. In addition, Sreepower also addresses different dimensions of the customer's problems by applying its vast experience in multiple projects across industries and technologies in a variety of business cultures. Sreepower has the capability to bring a fresh perspective on existing problems, streamlining the customer's overall distribution systems in the course of the engagement to enhance business value for the customer.

Sreepower Services and Solutions that can help you address these needs

Sreepower, an end-to-end Electrical solutions company, has a range of services across various domains like Project Management, Consulting, IT Parks, Hotels, telecom, Chemical & pharmaceuticals and many others. Over the years Sree power control systems has developed a unique model for addressing customer requirements by building required competencies. This means customers can take advantage of a single point contact for all their Electrical technology requirements from a vendor who understands their business and how to apply the relevant technology.

Sreepower's competency is the result of its long engagements with customers. Sreepower believes in speaking the customer's language. Out of this belief originated the idea of building domain competency in a number of identified technical areas. At the same time, rapid changes in Electrical technology make it necessary for Sreepower to constantly monitor and update its own technological competence.